Become a Tucker Company Worldwide National Accounts Sales Representative!

Tucker Company Worldwide is a family held, third generation corporation with a proud legacy of leadership spanning over 50 years - and we're growing! We're looking for National Sales Accounts Representatives to join our team and make an impact. Here's an opportunity to work remotely securing business, with the support of a top-notch sales support staff in our office in Haddonfield, NJ. Plus, you'll benefit from our:

  • Incredible Reputation

  • Comprehensive Benefits

  • Incentives and Unlimited Opportunity for Growth

  • Positive Company Culture – our Employees enjoy working at Tucker!

    • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) 100% of Tucker’s sales staff rated their work/life balance as an 8 or higher

    • 100% of our sales staff answered “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their employment at Tucker!

Think you have what it takes? Take a look at the job description below, and fill out the form to contact our HR department.


The role of National Accounts Sales Representative (“NSR”) is to grow company profits, by continually finding and on-boarding new, large accounts on a national level, and by professionally serving and developing strong relationships with existing customers through continual needs assessment, solution development, and solution delivery.  Job responsibilities include all duties assigned by company, and the following by way of example:
  • Find new customers and close sales, focusing on all shippers, but particularly larger companies
  • Demonstrate strong phone and in person prospecting skills in accordance with Socratic Selling.
  • Grow volume and profitability of existing customers by providing professional service.
  • Focus on securing lanes over loads, regular shipper over irregular shippers:  Priority should be placed on finding and developing customers with repeat, truckload volume.
  • Demonstrate achievement, or at minimum ongoing progress toward, meeting or exceeding all specified company goals for, e.g.,  revenue, spread, load count
  • Work as a positive team member, always available to assist colleagues, teammates, carriers, customers, etc.
  • Collaborate closely with CSR and KAM staff to perfectly understand and articulate customer needs to (a) maximize customer satisfaction; and (b)  maximize motor carrier engagement, involvement and satisfaction
  • Close deals, accept and enter loads, set appointments, and “gift wrap” loads for CSRs to cover, update customer on status, problems, issues, successes, follow up after delivery. Ensure TMS contains all necessary information concerning shipment details, freight handling requirements, and all customer needs and expectations
Other Responsibilities Include:
  • Demonstrate pricing proficiency, resourcefulness and creativity, relating to:
    • Pricing  Tucker services to customers and estimating costs of carrier services
    • Negotiating pricing and service alternatives with customers
  • Demonstrate proficiency in:
    • Understanding customer requirements, challenges and opportunities.
    • Communicating to the team, all relevant order facts, to ensure perfect service.
    • Communicating non-order specific customer facts and opportunities to our internal team, including supervisors, management, coworkers, carrier sales team, and key account managers.
    • Managing the business of, and relationships within, a national account customer portfolio
    • Managing a customer database and transportation management system, maintaining current information.
    • Managing a sales funnel, and moving prospects through to closing.  
    • Communicating to management, at any time, the status of customer portfolio & sales funnel
  • Establish meetings with a purpose or agenda with customers and prospects, when warranted.
    • Demonstrate to DS a “business case” in advance of field travel to customers and prospects
    • Demonstrate proficiency scheduling field travel to minimize drive time and maximize meeting times.
  • Be aware of, review, know where to find, and work in accordance with, company policies and procedures.
  • Work successfully with the members of your team, your supervisor, and all other staff. Ensure your responsibilities are covered when out of the office.
  • Demonstrate business acumen and strong interpersonal skills

Skills, Education and Experience:
College degree & 2-3 years sales experience preferred.  Successful candidates will demonstrate strong organizational skills, strong written and oral communication skills, initiative, and the ability to work well within a team as well as independently.  Computer literacy is a must.  Experience with Microsoft Office suite and Excel is preferred.  Demonstrated ability to pay close attention to detail and provide consistent follow-through is required.